Game Review 102

Review Systems

01 December 2021

Part two of the series. Everything you need to know about reviewing games except how to actually write the review. An in-depth examination of scoring systems, recommendations & verdicts.

Game Review 101

The Fundamentals

13 November 2021

Part one of the series. Talks about: Getting started, policies, publishing your work, building a presence, growing an audience, finding games to review, how to approach developers, pressures of the job, and creating content.

Interviewed by ABC NQ

30 September 2021

This morning I was interviewed by Henry Bretz from ABC North Queensland as part of a promotion for Screenworks' new Discovering New Voices program.

Listen to the interview (10 mins) here:


Interview: Neptune Games

15 September 2021

Joining me today is Mauro from Neptune Games, a budding new developer working on their ambitious debut game, a CRPG called BioSynth: Rising. Both the developer and the game only appeared on my radar recently, so here we shed some light!

Interview: Drop Bear Bytes

11 August 2021

We have a special guest today; Craig Ritchie, founder of Drop Bear Bytes and director of Broken Roads, an isometric post-apocalyptic RPG set in Australia and one of my absolutely most-anticipated games of all time. We got to have a long chat about his team, what it takes to run an international game studio, their experience with Film Victoria, marketing plans, and of course, Broken Roads.


08 August 2021

Like many others, I'm a budding amateur photographer. I'm still learning the ropes but I do score a decent shot here and there, so I thought, why not add a small collection to the website? Feedback welcome!

Trinity - Expansion Sprites

30 July 2021

Some more sprites for Trinity have arrived! Playtesting determined the game could benefit from 1-3 additional factions, so that's what I'm working on now - here's a preview! Card art still coming.

Cass Moriarty

24 July 2021

Was fortunate enough to enjoy some one of Cass Moriarty's workshops this weekend. The workshop was themed "the end is only the beginning" and was all about the writer's life after the book's finished - submissions, publishers, awards and competitions, marketing, all that jazz. Very informative and well-presented.

Giveaway Bonanza

11 July 2021

We're doing it again! 11 fantastic indie games up for grabs (multiple copies of each) in a series of giveaways. Once again, the plan is to cross-pollinate each of the developers' fan bases to try to help build awareness. A range of promotional strategies are being employed so with a bit of luck the developers will also enjoy a small boost in wishlists and reviews.

Innovation in Indie Games

13 May 2021

Getting a little bored of playing AAA games because it feels like you're just playing the same thing over and over and over again? Why not check out indie games! Indie devs can take risks AAA devs can't, and there are some really incredible, innovative developers out there. This article highlights some of the most innovative games I've encountered in the last 12 months.

Anzac Day - Thuringowa Service

25 April 2021

Once again I was fortunate enough to spend my Anzac Day with these upstanding citizens. As always, thanks to those, past and present, for your sacrifices made in service to Australia.

New banner

22 April 2021

I've always loved my banner but it was made for my freelance writing work and my Twitter account has been focused on gaming for a long time now. So I had a new pixelart banner made! Thanks, @the__baldur, it's great! Hopefully that'll make it easier for gamers and devs to find me.

First Impressions

07 April 2021

In my efforts to support indie developers, I have started publishing a new article type, "First Impressions." I'm not sold on the name yet, so that might change. These new articles will be much shorter, less structured, and only require enough of the game to have been played in order to create a first impression rather than the holistic approach I take with full reviews. This will also give me another outlet to promote those games that - by design - will spend a long time in Early Access.

TWPC Board for 2021

07 February 2021

Meet the new board for the Townsville Writers & Publishers Centre!

Chris Picone back in the chair. Terry Mullins, Anita Berry, and treasurer Ernie Bunt also return, and new member: Katherine Carter.

Thanks to Riverside Tavern for having us, and for everyone who turned up.

Article now on video!

01 February 2021

Teamed up with Indiegameiacs, who created a video of my article, "Advice for Indie Devs: Things You Should Know Before Submitting Your Game to Reviewers." If you're a watcher rather than a reader, check it out!

Trinity - Sprites

27 January 2021

Sprites for the first deck of the Weird West card game Trinity have arrived. Will take me a while to build the card art but I'm very happy with the pieces.. Here are some samples.

Trinity - Backgrounds

21 January 2021

Backgrounds for my latest work in progress, a Weird West card game (working title "Trinity") have arrived. Wasn't sure what I was even looking for but I love them! These will serve as background art and/or card backings. Here's a sample as a teaser.

New Chibis!

06 January 2021

I wanted some new chibis to add my Twitter profile rotation. And here they are!

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