First Impression: Movie Quest

Developer: SourJ

Release Date: 17 April, 2022

Platform: Windows

Genre: Social Hub

By Chris Picone, 05 September 2022

I had no idea what to make of this game when I first saw the screenshots; the inside of a movie theatre, sure, and it reminded me of a horror game that came out recently, so was that what I was in for? It’s got “Quest” in the name though, and that comes with a whole other set of connotations.

I’m here to tell you that, whatever I thought this game was going to be, I was wrong. Movie Quest is a few things. Primarily, it’s a hub – an online experience where the idea is that you can meet up with a bunch of friends and literally hang out and chat or play the arcade machines or go and watch a movie together. While testing the game, I was on my own but I went and had a go at everything. I went to the arcade first and played a Flappy Bird clone – the only playable game at the moment but presumably several more are coming. Then I went and watched a couple of movies; Romero’s Walking Dead and Chiba’s Street Fighter, which was a new addition – and again, more to come. I went and explored the rest of the theatre then, and discovered where the quests fit in. Several NPCs are littered through the game and they give you menial tasks to complete – delivering food or removing turds scattered around a bathroom, for example. Yes, seriously. A bit crude but I found it pretty funny. Anyway, completing quests earns you tickets which you can use to buy cosmetic accessories like hats for your character. One of the quests also took me to an obstacle course, which was challenging but would have potentially be a lot of fun with a group of friends trying to race through it and watching people fall into the abyss.

The verdict? It’s too early to say at the moment; it’s founded on a great idea and has loads of potential but it’s still got a ways to go in development yet and much of its success I think will be determined by how large a fanbase it can gather. Only time will tell but I really want Movie Quest to do well.