Steam Curation

“Curation focuses on niche games that often get overlooked - primarily kickstarter and indie games, rpgs, and the odd AAA game that sets itself apart from the crowd.”

Indies! Would you like some help promoting your game?

Consider sending me a reviewer copy. Why?

  • It's not about me trying to score free games. I want to support indies, and you guys need to be paid. If I enjoy the game, I often purchase a copy anyway (as a gift or prize).

  • There are so many games out there that even if I played every minute of every day I would never get through them all. A reviewer copy ensures that your game will definitely receive my attention where I might otherwise have overlooked it.

  • Games that I receive reviewer copies of get to jump my queue. I know early reviews matter for indies and I try to deliver where I can so I will normally drop an AAA game I might be playing to review yours.

If I enjoyed it:

  • Your game will be reviewed on my Steam curation platform.

  • The curated review will be posted on my Twitter account.

  • Your game will also receive a positive customer review from me personally.

  • I'll also follow up with additional social media support (I may post screenshots of the game as I play it, and/or retweet posted related to your game that I think my audience will find interesting or entertaining, such as launch news).

I may also:

  • Write a full review of the game.

  • Be interested in conducting an interview, particularly to coincide with potential future releases.

If I did not enjoy it or am not your target audience:

I will not provide positive reviews for games that I don't enjoy. Doing so would diminish the value of my curation. However:

  • You will not receive a negative review.

  • I am happy to send you constructive feedback in private.