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Important note:  Although I only post positive reviews, that doesn't mean every game automatically gets one. My biggest layer of quality control is that I only review games I think I'm likely to enjoy.  Even then, only around 75% of games reviewed have received my recommendation.  Long story short?  Just making it to this list is a mark of quality.

Which Way Up Space Olympics

20 February 2024

Which Way Up is an awesome multiplayer arcade game that features a stack of different game modes to compete against. Fun with 2P, be even better with 3-4. Young fella and I love it!

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Of Murder & Moonshine

16 February 2024

Unusual mission-based shooter where you play a hitman. Features a great noir setting, jazz track, glorious pixels, delightfully challenging gameplay, and a sense of humour. Loving this one!

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Rotate Word Puzzle

14 February 2024

Solid puzzle game - doesn't break any new ground but it looks good, clean UI, it's very simple to jump into, the clues give just the right amount away, and there's plenty of randomisation & variety. Not super challenging but enough to get the brain ticking and a relaxing way to kill some time. 

Panda Go

11 February 2024

Panda Go is a clever turn-based puzzle game. Puzzles are all logic based but take patience and forethought. Some clunky moves but great range of guards and trap mechanics & well-designed levels.

Exiled Survivors

8 February 2024

EA Review: Exiled Survivors is an exciting upcoming survivors-like that feature skill trees and more diverse enemies & bosses (some shoot back). Needs more polish (particularly UI) but v. promising.

Magnus Positive Phototaxis

7 February 2024

Magnus Positive Phototaxis is a short but neat puzzle game with some engaging visual storytelling elements. There's a decent range of puzzles packed into such a short game. Worth the jaunt!

Lazarus AD 2222

6 February 2024

Lazarus is a v. short but decent visual novel with an interesting story and some surprisingly engaging puzzles. I like the art style - evocative - but it and the writing could use a touch more poilsh.

Ruiga Pirates

5 February 2024

EA Review: Ruiga Pirates is a well-made survivors-like with a sweet nautical theme. Still some kinks but constantly being improved. Love the different ships & weapons. Missions & deeds will be awesome

Jett Rider

4 February 2024

I'm a sucker for any game with a jetpack but Jett Rider really is an exceptional modern platformer. Tons of variety, loads of secrets to find, smooth controls, super polished, really heaps of fun.

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Twilight Oracle

2 February 2024

A delightful light-hearted point and click. Veterans may find the puzzles a little simplistic but the retro feel's authentic, the story's fun, the locations and inventory are interesting. V. enjoyable

Quantum Fluctuation

31 January 2024

​Great puzzle game - very unusual and very hard. Graphics are minimalist but clean but you won't have time to worry about them anyway. Trying to match (or sometimes oppose) colours, symbols & sizes to get another series of different colours, symbols & sizes, while trying to ensure you get exactly the right amount for the final product after splitting and putting back together, creating layers of challenges while also competing against a time limit. Enjoyable but very tough!

The Cub

26 January 2024

One of the best visual storytelling games I've played. Great art, surprisingly interactive for the genre, but the real standout is the martian radio element. Only a few hours long but memorable.

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Wild Legion

23 January 2024

Wild Legion's a fun new Survivors-like. Needs a little more polish in some areas but looks & sounds great. Good range of weapon and I love the pet catching, day/night phases & turrets were interesting

Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic

26 January 2024

Hidden Through Time 2 is an exceptional "Where's Wally-like." Great graphics, user friendly, super interactive and I love the themes. A chill way to spend a lazy afternoon and kids will love it too.

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Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic

13 January 2024

I wrote an in-depth review of Vagrus: The Riven Realm last month.  I've now added additional review for all current DLC:  Vorax, Seekers of Knowledge, and Sunfire & Moonshadow

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IREM Volume 1

11 January 2024

IREM have come out swinging with Volume 1, bringing us Raiden-like titles Image Fight 1 & 2 as well as X-Multiply, which plays similarly to R-Type

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