Bite-sized Review:
Rogue Glitch Ultra

Developer: Lino Slahuschek

Release Date: 14 November, 2023

Platform: Windows, Switch, MacOS

Genre: Platformer

By Chris Picone, 15 November 2023

Rogue Glitch Ultra is a hybrid game; a sort of platformer and Binding of Isaac-style shooter combination.  Some of you may have already played the game in its original form.  I'm not one of those, so I'm not 100% on what's changed, but I can tell you there's now 18 characters and 150 items, which I gather is a lot more than there used to be - as well as some new bosses and new rooms. Judging by the old trailer, it looks like it's received a graphics upgrade too. 


Not entirely sure how to describe the graphics - super colourful, vaguely 80s-inspired, kinda like that modern idea of "pixels" like in the 2015 movie?  And the starting character has got to be inspired by Among Us.  Anyway, it's slick, and although the enemies and platforms are minimalistic in appearance, Rogue Glitch is loaded with neat details and splashy special effects.


Rogue Glitch is primarily a Binding of Isaac-style shooter, but presented in the form of a 2d platformer rather than top-down.  Shooting is automatic, allowing you to focus on movement as you bounce around the platforms trying to guide your pixel bullets onto your targets while avoiding being hit yourself.  Rogue Glitch wants to be a precision platformer, encouraging you into daring acts bouncing into range by springing off walls and then double jumping out of harms way, but honestly the movement's very forgiving.  That's fine - as you progress further, the enemies get harder and much more numerous.  There are absolutely tons of upgrades and weapons to collect, and they all stack, which is cool.  The game's separated into rooms like Isaac, and there are tons of treasure rooms, challenge rooms, secret rooms, and other special rooms to find as you explore.  Kill the boss on each level to proceed to the next.  Oh, and Rogue Glitch can be played both online and offline now.



I'm absolutely hooked on Rogue Glitch Ultra, it's so much fun, a brilliant roguelite. The platform aspect is very refreshing and there's a fantastic amount of variety across enemies, bosses, levels, and upgrades, allowing for tons of replayability.