First Impressions
Super Dungeon Maker

Developer: Firechick, Rokaplay

Release Date: 15 February, 2022 (EA)

Platform: Windows, Switch

Genre: Adventure

By Chris Picone, 17 December 2022

Super Dungeon Maker does exactly what it says on the box, but it's even more flexible and intuitive than I expected. I had fun with it but this would be perfect for kids.

Super Dungeon Maker is two things: A dungeon maker, but also a game in its own right. It comes with a tutorial dungeon and two other dungeons you can jump right in and play, and the developer is talking about building a whole campaign, although sadly it won't be ready in time for the game's full release. As a dungeon maker, Super Dungeon Maker shines. Dungeons can be small if you like, but also vast, with multiple rooms of varying sizes, and even have up to four different floors. It features intuitive click-and-go floor-, wall-, and even room-building, chests, and plenty of options for monsters and traps. The traps are even customisable; enough-so that you could comfortably build combat- or puzzle-based games using this system. Super Dungeom Maker also features several Zelda-inspired items (grappling hook, feather, shield, bombs, etc.) that let you layer your dungeons This means that you could probably build a whole campaign or "game" with it, not just individual dungeons. Of course you can play the dungeons that you build yourself, and you also have access to a hefty catalogue of dungeons built by other users. Some are small or experimental but there are some quality builds on there.

So, my first impression? If you ever wanted to build your own Zelda-like, Super Dungeon Maker is fantastic. Plenty of versatility and incredibly user friendly. It's not powerful enough to go and make a commercial game with but it's more powerful than you're probably expecting and for kids this is perfect. This title is also good value for money in that it lets you play dozens of other people's games, so you're getting plenty of value for money.