First Impressions:

Awkward 2

DeveloperSnap Finger Click

Release DateQ2, 2023 

Platform: Windows

Genre: Party

By Chris Picone, 15 May 2023


The party game of "savage secrets" comes with a hefty warning screen when you load it up.  Never mind the "banned for 100 years" waffle, but it does describe itself as being a reason for bar room brawls and divorces.  So it's probably not like the sort of video game I usually play but it doesn't sound a lot like "never have I ever" and similar table games I can remember playing during my misspent youth.  Okay, sign me up. 

The format itself works pretty well, although a word of caution:  Although you will need a computer with your copy of the game to play this, you'll also need to be in the same room as all the other players and each of them will need a phone to play on - and the screen will need to be projected in some way.  So you can't play remotely and realistically you're probably limited to playing in someone's living room.  That's fine, this is the sort of game you want your mates around for anyway.  The questions, however, I found lacking - particularly in light of the elaborate warning given at the start of the game.  That had me expecting particularly adult and provocative questions like "what's your bodycount," "where's the weirdest place you've had sex," "have you ever cheated."  Instead, Awkward 2 asked questions like how long it had been since I had farted, whether men could complain about seeing a box of tampons.  Nothing particularly "savage" or "secret," and it left me wanting. 

The verdict?  Awkward 2 has potential but it wasn't for me.  I can see teenagers enjoying this game, or people who have lived fairly sheltered lives, but I think anyone from my generation are probably expecting something either raunchier or at least more thought-provoking and unusual.