I've always enjoyed making games as a hobby.  I absolutely love coming up with concepts, designing maps, building mechanics, writing narrative, all that stuff.  I plan to learn some simple coding in the near future in the hopes of making my first videogame but we'll see how that goes.  In any case, I love creating board and card games and am very happy playing in that niche.  Unfortunately, I lack any artistic talent outside writing so I'll never be able to take my ideas further without the support of artists & musicians, or an unexpected influx of funding.


Medieval Fantasy Boardgame

Gaijin is heavily inspired by Talisman, although there are plenty of differences in both gameplay and theme to set it apart.  It's designed for long play sessions - a couple of hours or more.  


"Weird West" Card Game

A long time ago I set myself the goal of creating a very simple card game - so simple that it could be played with a standard 52 card deck.  Eerie (working title) is the end result.  The base game is indeed very simple and can be played with a standard deck but I am working on adding three more decks for variety.  The game is currently being prototyped on Tabletop Simulator for testing purposes.