First Impression: Death Trash

Developer: Crafting Legends

Release Date: 05 August, 2021 (EA)

Platform: Windows, Switch, Linux, MacOS, PS4,

Xbox One

Genre: RPG

By Chris Picone, 04 September 2021

Oh my god, Death Trash’s art! Pixels in all the right places. I’ve been hungry for this game for a bloody long time – 2-3 years, I think. All that time I’ve been waiting anxiously to see how the final product was going to be delivered. On one hand, the game seems really mature and dark and gives off some really strong Lovecraftian themes – a kind of meaty cosmic horror - yet on the other hand, it has a decent share of toilet humour and a "Puke Bar."

I’m pleased to report that while the crudity’s there – of course it is, it fits the setting – it’s not try-hard or overdone. The world has been beautifully delivered – you’re exploring this strange place but its inhabitants really give you the vibe that they’re vaguely aware it’s a bit odd, but what of it? They’ve grown up with it, it’s always been that way. And so you just kind of warily accept this strange place and the bizarros that call it home. And it’s ... kinda beautiful, in a way? Beautiful and dangerous. The combat plays out like a twinstick shooter for the most part, except there are some stealth elements. This makes the game play out a bit more like an ARPG but the RPG core elements – strong focus on story, experience, characters – are definitely all there.

Anyway, the verdict? It’s awesome. If you love your isometric RPGs and aren’t scared off by pixel graphics, it’s a no-brainer, although you may want to wait for the full release. I never have time to play a game through more than once these days so I’m holding off for the path that guarantees save games won’t break before I go any further, but I’m itching to get back into it.