First Impression: GigaBash

Developer: Passion Republic Games

Release Date: 05 August 2022

Platform: Windows, Switch, PS4/5, X Box 1

Genre: Brawler

By Chris Picone, 05 August 2022

Brawlers aren’t my go-to genre, but I do occasionally enjoy them for a bit of casual multiplayer fun when they’re done well – and how cool does Gigabash look? I will admit that, given the bright cartoony art style, I was a little concerned that Gigabash might be aimed at a slightly younger audience than myself but this one definitely fits in the FUN FOR ALL AGES category.

Since I’ve already commented on the art direction, I’ll start there. Gigabash is really vibrant and energetic and clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously. I love Gorogong with his wonky eyes, and Pipijuras looks like he fell straight out of one of those dodgy old pulp sci fi movies. And there’s even a story’s that ties everything together in some sweet cartoon cutscenes. The whole game’s really got a great sense of humour. Now as far as First Impressions go, I’ve finished the campaign already (it’s only 2-3 hours long and I couldn’t put it down!) but I haven’t yet had a chance to play Gigabash in multiplayer and I think that’s where it’s going to shine the brightest. You get to play as and against quite a few titans and they’ve all got an awesome range of drastically different attacks from sky slams and drill charges to lightning strikes and snowballs. Battles are fast-paced and require a combination of button-mashing, strategy, and timing. And the whole environment’s interactive! So you can climb up buildings or throw your enemies through them, pick up and swing trees or throw boats, it’s all fair game. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend so I can enjoy some epic titan battles on the couch with my young fellas, it’s going to be awesome.

The verdict? Gigabash is awesome, I am in love with this title. If you’re a brawler fan, I’m sure you’ll love it too. And while I enjoyed the crap out of the campaign, it’s also a great game to play multiplayer and get the whole family involved.