Submit a Game for Review

Indies! Would you like some help promoting your game?

Consider sending me a reviewer copy. Why?

  • It's not about me trying to score free games. I want to support indies, and you guys need to be paid. If I enjoy the game, I often purchase a copy anyway (as a gift or prize).

  • There are so many games out there that even if I played every minute of every day I would never get through them all. A reviewer copy ensures that your game will definitely receive my attention where I might otherwise have overlooked it.

  • Games that I receive reviewer copies of get to jump my queue. I know early reviews matter for indies and I try to deliver where I can so I will normally drop an AAA game I might be playing to review yours.

If I enjoyed it:

  • Your game will be reviewed on my Steam curation platform.

  • The curated review will be posted on my Twitter account.

  • Your game will also receive a positive customer review from me personally.

  • I'll also follow up with additional social media support (I may post screenshots of the game as I play it, and/or retweet posted related to your game that I think my audience will find interesting or entertaining, such as launch news).

I may also:

  • Write a First Impressions article for the game

  • Write a full review of the game.

  • Be interested in conducting an interview

If I did not enjoy it or am not your target audience:

I will not provide positive reviews for games that I don't enjoy. Doing so would diminish the value of my curation. However:

  • You will not receive a negative review. Instead:

  • I am happy to send you constructive feedback in private.

Demos & Early Access

  • I don't review demos, sorry, for a number of reasons.

  • Early Access copies are fine as long as the game is close to what the full release will look like (you're still squashing bugs and polishing but the game is otherwise complete).

That sounds great! How do I submit my game?

  • You can either email me a key to your game here

  • or send it to me via Steam Curator

  • One copy is usually all I need unless it's a multiplayer-only game or you want me to run a giveaway =)