Bite-sized Review: Lonesome Village

Developer: Ogre Pixel

Release Date: 1 November, 2022

Platform: Windows, MacOS, Xbox One/S/X, Linux, Switch

Genre: Puzzle Adventure

By Chris Picone, 19 November 2022

Lonesome Village is a 3D puzzle game that also features “sim” or adventure elements such as farming, fishing, etc. This one’s clearly marketed for kids, and I think they’ll enjoy it.


The artwork is cartoony and exceptionally cute. Lots of colours, miniature animals, kids will love them. The graphics themselves are exceptionally well done but the game is occasionally clunky in the way it transitions between the game, cutscenes, and different levels.


Lonesome Village is predominantly a puzzle game that sees you climbing to the top of a tower, solving a range of puzzles and rescuing villagers on every level. The game’s story is revealed along the way through cutscenes and dialogue. A substantial variety of puzzles feature; invisible path (revealed with a lens), sokoban, switch/lever, more. What they all have in common is that they’re very simple to beat – suitable for children. And where I think kids might get tired of solving puzzle after puzzle, Lonesome Village offers the solution in the form of a range of side activities that must also be completed to progress. Some of these include fishing, farming, collecting resources, and other activities to help the villagers.


I think the puzzles will be far too easy to appeal to adults but they’re perfect for children, particularly younger children, and I think the side activities will offer a nice interruption for the little ones to keep them entertained and motivated.