TWPC Infection Anthology

"Saint George" is published in this anthology.

The Townsville Writers and Publishers Centre is proud to present an anthology of ten thrilling stories by local authors. Infection highlights a diversity of genres and reflective of the writing groups supported by the TWPC. There’s a story to interest everyone.

Join us as a deadly ague sweeps through the Kingdom of Zvur; as Agent Huntington uses old wisdom to save the future; as thirteen-year-old Eve fights to escape the monster who infected her; as Gerry struggles to be good against all odds and, as bats hang like baubles on dying Christmas trees infecting a community with fear.

There’s a story about a selkie and her skin of lies; the bloody horror of a twisted fairy tale; the gripping stranglehold of depression; a journey to the future where control is paramount and a physical and psychological struggled carried around the timeless question of Is there are God?

Infection is guaranteed to delight readers of fiction, fantasy, horror, and romance.

Artgaze #17 - Rebirth

"A New Day" is published in this magazine.

This issue of Artgaze Magazine features 70 pages of inspirational and informative articles, poems, short stories and plenty of interviews from local and global talents around the theme of 'Rebirth'.

The Typhon Expanse

"Sunraysia" is published in this anthology.

For nearly a hundred and fifty years the Terran Union, born of the fires of nuclear terrorism and fear of the other, has expanded across space despite all opposition, all threats real or imagined. In the build up to cataclysmic war, the Typhon expanse, rich in resources and filled with enemies. becomes the staging ground for a conflict between civilizations.

This anthology’s stories tell some of the tales of the Union in its relentless advance.