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Puzzle Mega-Interview

With Twintertainment, Daisy Games, RBOR Games, and RD Interactive

16 April 2022

I absolutely love delving into game design philosophy, and that’s what this interview is all about. I take great pleasure in introducing Martin Firbacher of Daisy Games; Wade Adams from Twintertainment; Mhmd Subhi from RD Interactive; and Nic Ford & Michael von Korff from RBOR games. These developers were chosen because they are responsible some of the most creative, well-developed puzzle games that I’ve played in recent years, and so I am extremely grateful that they were kind enough to share their time and knowledge with us. We go into quite a bit of detail through the interview, so it’s a long one. But if you’re interested in becoming a puzzle game designer or want to include some puzzles in your non-puzzle games, or maybe you want to learn more about those developers and their amazing games or possibly you’re just a game design nerd like me, read on!

The Scholastics

With Ioan Lazu
28 February 2022

The team’s still balancing and tweaking some of the mechanics but otherwise Wigmund's now all but content complete. Even in its current state, the game’s a lot of fun and I wanted to know more about it, so: Joining me today is Ioan Lazu; software engineer and game designer with The Scholastics, joins me to have a chat about soon-to-be released ARPG Wigmund.

Neptune Games

With Mauro D'Andrea

14 September 2021

Joining me today is Mauro from Neptune Games, a budding new developer working on their ambitious debut game, a CRPG called BioSynth: Rising. Both the developer and the game only appeared on my radar recently, so here we shed some light!

Drop Bear Bytes

With Craig Ritchie

11 August 2021

We have a special guest today; Craig Ritchie, founder of Drop Bear Bytes and director of Broken Roads, an isometric post-apocalyptic RPG set in Australia and one of my absolutely most-anticipated games of all time. We got to have a long chat about his team, what it takes to run an international game studio, their experience with Film Victoria, marketing plans, and of course, Broken Roads.


With Alex

15 August 2020

Alersteam is one of the most promising, ambitous, and under-rated indie game developers around at the moment. They’re working on Exoplanet: First Contact, a first-person roleplaying game with similar gameplay to Fallout 3, et al., but with a Space Western setting which is reminiscent of Firefly but very much its own beast. Joining me today is Alex, the team leader, to have a chat about the influences behind the game, his experiences with Kickstarter and Early Access, and the current state of the game.

Strategy Mega-Interview

With Kube Games, Grand Tactician, & Resistance Games

06 August 2020

There must be countless grognards out there like myself who grew up during the “golden age” of strategy games and have been enjoying watching the genre grow and evolve over the last couple of decades. Joining me today are three of what I consider to be among some of the greatest up-and-coming pioneers of the field from all around the world. Developers whose games cover a range of design choices including 4X, tactical, kingdom-builder, turn-based and real-time, as well as a variety of themes. With such talent in the room, I decided to skip most of the usual fluffy questions so we could delve right into some nitty-gritty design discussion, making this interview a small but quality trove of game design wisdom.

Adventure Mega-Interview

With Nic & Chris Bischoff (The Brotherhood), Francisco Gonzalez (Grundislav Games), Christian Miller (Silver Spook Games) & Mark Yohalem (Wormwood Studios)

29 January 2019

Joining me is Chris & Nic Bischoff from The Brotherhood (Stasis, Cayne), Francisco González from Grundislav Games (Lamplight City, Shardlight), Christian Miller from Silver Spook Games (Neofeud), and Mark from Wormwood Studios (Primordia). I selected these four developers for the interview because, while they are all very accomplished, they have also taken very different approaches to game design which I thought would lead to some very thoughtful discussion. During the interview, we talk at length about puzzle design, interactive storytelling, tutorial design, dialogue in video games, the evolution of adventure games, and finish up with some shameless plugging (and a couple of teasers for some upcoming games).

Dark Crystal Games

With Viacheslav Kozikhin

07 October 2018

We are joined today by David Gilbert, CCO of Wadjet Eye Games, to discuss the studio, his life as a publisher of premium point-and-click adventures, and the triumph that is Unavowed. Richard Cobbett, lead designer of Kickstarter RPG Nighthawks, also chimes in to tell us a little about his latest project.

Wadjet Eye Games

With David Gilbert

02 October 2018

We are joined today by David Gilbert, CCO of Wadjet Eye Games, to discuss the studio, his life as a publisher of premium point-and-click adventures, and the triumph that is Unavowed. Richard Cobbett, lead designer of Kickstarter RPG Nighthawks, also chimes in to tell us a little about his latest project.

Richard Cobbett

With Richard Cobbett

21 September 2018

Recently, Richard Cobbett – long-time gaming journalist and game writer for the Sunless series – teamed up with Wadjet Eye Games (developer of the recently released point-and-click Unavowed) to create a new text-driven vampire RPG called Nighthawks, which is on Kickstarter right now! The game looks pretty damn promising, so I hit Richard up for a chat about his inspiration, as well as some or the decision making behind the game’s design, including combat, vampire powers, character development, social interactions, and the dreaded “save-load dilemma”.

Grundislav Games

With Francisco González

03 May 2018

Francisco González, the one-man game-making machine, joins me to talk about his studio Grundislav Games, his impressive portfolio of adventure games, his time with Wadjet Eye, and upcoming game Lamplight City.​

Pioneer Valley Games

With Jesse Bemben

13 April 2018

Jesse, long-time content creator for RPG Maker and the talent behind Pioneer Valley Games, joins me to discuss his transition from security officer to full-time content and game developer, and his first commercial RPG, Aleph. We also talk about his art, his books, his other games, and his early Kickstarter experiences.

Aurum Dust Studio

With Nikolay Bondarenko

06 April 2018

Nikolay from AurumDust Studio joins me today to discuss the studio, their debut release Ash of Gods: Redemption, and their Kickstarter experience. Sergey also joins us to discuss Terminum (the story behind Ash of Gods), and his other books. ​

Iron Tower & Wormwood Studios

With "Vincent D. Weller" (Iron Tower Studio) & Mark Yohalem (Wormwood Studios)

03 February 2018

Joining me is Mark Yohalem, writer for Wormwood Studios, and Vince, writer and designer for Iron Tower Studio, to give their views on some of the finer points on modern RPG game design. Using details from upcoming games Fallen Gods, The New World, and Iron Tower’s as-yet-untitled Inquisition game as points of reference, we discuss/argue inventory, skill, and combat systems, puzzle design and the lessons that RPGs can learn from adventure games, witchcraft, sanity points, metagaming, inconsequential death, and the save-load dilemma. ​

Semisoft Studios

With Henry Winata

27 January 2018

Video Interview + Transcript

​Henry Winata, the founder and lead designer of Semisoft Studio, joins us to talk about his debut game Legrand Legacy, his team, and the Kickstarter campaign that helped him turn his dream into a reality.

Wormwood Studios

With James Spanos

15 September 2017

James Spanos, the coder from Wormwood Studios, joins us to talk about his recent releases Until I Have You and Earthling Priorities, Wormwood's upcoming released Fallen Gods and Strangelands, and a slew of side projects including a foray into music composition.

Wormwood Studios

With Mark Yohalem

05 September 2017

Mark, the writer from Wormwood Studios, joins us to talk about what it’s like writing for game developers including Bioware and inXile including his work on Torment: Tides of Numenera, and how his career in law had an impact on the world of Primordia. He also talks a bit about Wormwood Studios’ upcoming release Fallen Gods and even gives us a cheeky sneak-peek into an as-yet-unannounced project called Strangeland.

Iron Tower Studios

03 August 2017

Vince and Ryan join us from Iron Tower Studio, the developer responsible for Age of Decadence and Dungeon Rats. We chat about Aod and the studio, and Vince gives us some insight into their upcoming RPG, The New World, which is still in the early stages of development.