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Advice for Indie Devs:

Things you should know before submitting your game to reviewers

I’ve been a game reviewer and curator for some time now and often find myself mentoring budding game developers as they release their first games into the world. I know finding reviewers can be hard, cold contacting can be very uncomfortable and confronting, and there are a few other traps for young players. So I thought I’d do my part by writing this article, in which you’ll find a compilation of the advice I find myself giving time and time again, to make it more readily accessible for indie devs. I hope it helps!

What makes a roleplaying game?

Coming soon!

Advice for Indie Devs - Serial

Coming Soon!

There's a range of articles coming! All designed to help the indie dev. Featured topics to include: Innovation in Gaming; Working with Publishers; Raising Money; Failure Rate; Scale and Scope / Feature Creep; Working in Teams; Custom vs Existing Tools.

Open to request! Get in touch if there's an article you'd like to see.