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Game Review 101

The Fundamentals

Part one of the series. Talks about: Getting started, policies, publishing your work, building a presence, growing an audience, finding games to review, how to approach developers, pressures of the job, and creating content.

Game Review 102

Review Systems

Part two of the series. Everything you need to know about reviewing games except how to actually write the review. An in-depth examination of scoring systems, recommendations & verdicts.

Game Review 103

Adding Value

Part three of the series. If you’re serious about trying to help promote developers and their games, you need to come up with other ways to “add value." This article talks about a range of content creation strategies above and beyond the review.

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Advice for Indie Devs:

Things you should know before submitting your game to reviewers

I’ve been a game reviewer and curator for some time now and often find myself mentoring budding game developers as they release their first games into the world. I know finding reviewers can be hard, cold contacting can be very uncomfortable and confronting, and there are a few other traps for young players. So I thought I’d do my part by writing this article, in which you’ll find a compilation of the advice I find myself giving time and time again, to make it more readily accessible for indie devs. I hope it helps!

Advice for Indie Devs- Serial

Coming Soon!

There's a range of articles coming! All designed to help the indie dev. Featured topics to include: Working with Publishers; Raising Money; Failure Rate; Scale and Scope / Feature Creep; Working in Teams; Custom vs Existing Tools.

Open to request! Get in touch if there's an article you'd like to see.

Innovation in Indie Games

Getting a little bored of playing AAA games because it feels like you're just playing the same thing over and over and over again? Why not check out indie games! Indie devs can take risks AAA devs can't, and there are some really incredible, innovative developers out there. This article highlights some of the most innovative games I've encountered in the last 12 months.

Skeleton Scramble Deluxe

Beginner's Guide

Skeleton Scramble is a simple to learn but difficult to master game and is surprisingly nuanced. While chatting to the dev about strategies, I got a bit excited and accidentally wrote this three page guide. Happy gaming!

What makes a roleplaying game?

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