First Impressions

Only First Impressions articles are posted on this page. I don't write First Impressions or full reviews for every game - most only receive Steam curation. Click the link to the right for more.

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Edge of Eternity


Midgar Studio

Edge of Eternity is a shameless Final Fantasy clone.



Games from Earth

Sunblaze is a fast-paced platformer in which everything moves so you need to plan your moves ahead of time. Features some sweet pixel art and a sense of humour.

Mech Armada


Lioncode Games

Mech Armada is a turn-based, tile-based tactical game that lets you customise and build an army of mechs. It's simple, fast-paced, and a lot of fun.

Broken Sky


Addictive 247 Games

There’s no story, but it’s one of those games where that doesn’t matter. It’s a straight-up retro arcade shooter. Shoot the baddies, rack up some big scores, unlock some upgrades, then straight back into it again with a better ship and some new weapons.

Colony Ship



Colony Ship is a gorgeous and well-written isometric RPG and the third release by indie developer Iron Tower Studios. It's in Early Access at the moment - only the first chapter is available, but you're still looking at 10 or more hours of gameplay.

Mage Drops


Orchid of Redemption

Mage Drops is a magical minigolf game - an innovative take on the genre that feels like a minigolf game but plays more like a puzzle platformer. It's in Early Access at the moment - only the tutorial and first cups are available, but there's still a few hours of gameplay there.

Rogue Sentry



The best way I can describe Rogue Sentry is as a "top-down Metroidvania" with bullet hell elements. The premise: Man built machine, machines took over the world, and you play as… a sentry bot, gone rogue after suddenly and inexplicably developing an empathy toward mankind.

Alpha Particle


Function Unknown

I was still a little lost when I loaded into the first level but that’s okay; the particle (the protagonist of this strange adventure) was as puzzled as I was: This is a game that gives you all the tools you need but leaves you to explore and experiment and work things out as you go.