By day,

I'm a high school English and History teacher.

After work,

I'm a father of four. This lot keep me pretty busy.

On weekends,

I'm an Army Cadet instructor.

And in my spare time...

I originally joined the Townsville Writers and Publishers Centre as a member of the Speculative Fiction group - the Centre’s divergent thinkers. In 2015, I established Emerge, a writing group for secondary school students, and hold workshops during the holidays to enhance their creative writing skills. I became a member of the board later that year and was the Chairman of the writer's centre from 2016-2018. I've since stepped down, but am still a member of the board. In 2019 I created and now facilitate an exciting new group, the Townsville Scriptwriters, and work with writers of television, film and theatre scripts, as well as actors and those in the production industry.

But I still make time to write!

​I recently finished my first novel, which I would describe as "survival fantasy." Unfortunately, it'll be in editing for a long while yet. In the meantime, the piece I am currently working on is a near-future sci-fi that examines the darker aspects of human nature.

Creative writing is my bread and butter, although I also write articles, reviews, and content pieces from time to time. I've even had a go at game design; I have an adventure board game which is currently in the production phase.

I'm also a strong supporter of indie writers and developers - and I put my money where my mouth is. If you're in the mood for some warm fuzzy feelings, you can check out some good old fashioned philanthropy here.

Finally, I do occasionally take the odd writing contract, here and there. If you're interested, you can find my freelance writing services here.

Please note that I do offer generous discounts for schools, indie, and not-for-profit organisations.